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Asset finance leasing is one way a company can have competitive advantage over their rivals. Technology is constantly changing. It is great to be one of the first to buy the latest products available on the market, but keeping up with new technology can be exhaustive and expensive. Asset finance leasing can lessen the impact on your company’s profitability.


By leasing instead of purchasing equipment outright, business owners and managers can gain the benefits that come from using the equipment without the burden of ownership. For those that simply need an upgrade, it is of course possible to sell, but in general, products that depreciate in value are not good investments. These are the products business owners should instead consider leasing.


With asset finance leasing, customers can always return obsolete products back. At the end of their lease term, they simply upgrade to the latest model on the market. This way, they stay one step ahead of their competition.


For example a business that operates in a cyclical fluctuation market can use our leasing programme to work around their schedule, by using leasing equipment only when they need it. Alternatively, you may consider a lease with a flexible payment schedule, allowing customers to structure payments to be made during their busy season.


Many small business owners and managers are led to believe they can only use overdraft and bank loans as their primary financing vehicle. These are not always the best options. The nature of running a small business means that income and capital are likely to fluctuate rapidly.


During trading or national economy difficulties companies with bank overdrafts or loans will depend on the vagaries of interest rate fluctuations that will affect their ability to trade and plan ahead. With leasing financing businesses are able to plan ahead irrespective of the economy or interest rate fluctuations.


With many years of financing and commercial experience, we understand your business and we can customise a finance package that is tailored to your business circumstances. We can finance up to 100% of your projects for between one and five years. Our rates are competitive and our services are unrivalled.



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