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Our Vendor leasing and Asset finance program was created to assist vendors in selling equipments to their prospective customers. It provides the customer with an alternative financing solution for large equipment expenditure. Sales Managers offer alternative solution at the time of sale when customers are most interested in acquiring the equipment. This can make the difference between closing the sale and losing the customer.


Sales aid finance with AFEM Leasing Finance offers vendors:


  • Very competitive rates and fast credit approvals

  •  Increase sales

  • Fast funding to your company

  • Start-up funding

  • Software lease finance programs

  • Private label Programs

  • Lead Generation Programs

  • 100% financing for all equipments(including shipping, installation, maintenance and taxes)


We acquire lease agreements when many other companies say no!


By working closely with you and your customers we are able to put together a strong financial package and give your customers every possible advantage. Become a Vendor Leasing Partner today to enjoy these and much more benefits!


Sales Benefits of Leasing


Leasing Closes More Sales

One of the greatest benefits leasing provides is the speed and efficiency with which a sale can be closed. Payments can start immediately – on attractive and affordable terms.


Leasing Overcomes Cost Objectives

By quoting lease figures, you present the cost of your equipment in the least expensive terms. You can change a possible negative price image into an easily budgeted item.


Leasing Generates Larger Sales

You increase the customer’s purchasing power by offering leasing term. Since the incremental monthly lease cost of a larger unit or additional features is so small that customers are more inclined to increase the size of their purchase… and your profits


Leasing Builds Repeat Business

Leasing builds customer loyalty and leads to more frequent add-ons, trade-ups, and new equipment acquisitions than an outright purchase. Our leasing programs allow you to structure your customer’s agreement to allow them to keep up with changing technology.


Leasing Makes It Convenient

Leasing make it easy and convenient for customers to acquire equipment. No need to delay sales while the financing is sought by the customer.



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