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We offer invoice discounting facilities which is particularly beneficial to companies operating in the fast growing sectors such Transportation, recruitments or engineering sectors to fund growth and expansion of their business. 


The nature in which companies in this sector operate means they are often left with a funding gap. They are often required to pay staff on short term and often weekly basis, while most of their customers will require at least 30 days or more credit terms from the date of invoice.


By setting up an invoice an invoice finance facility, the gap can be bridged, allowing the companies in these sectors to take on more staff and more customers immediately rather than struggling with restricting cash flow problems.




An established recruitment company to the engineering sector use invoice discounting package to support their growth plans.


 The Managing Director explained:


“Like all recruitment businesses we have large wage bills to find each week and we have to pay our contractors before our clients pay us. This created a problem until we used the invoice discounting solution. Now we get paid as we invoice, so there is money for payroll if we need it. What’s more it means invoice keeps pace with the level of business, so there is no limit to the amount of work we can take on.


“When we want to grow we know we have the funds to do so. Finding skilled consultants can be costly, however with these arrangements we have the ability to bring new people in when we need to.


“As an expanding business invoice discounting gives us leverage. We have the cash in place which we can use to fund growth and investment.”



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