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At AFEM we offer International Trade Finance solution that is tailored to individual importers, exporters, and trading companies. International Trade Finance is a complex arena that requires expertise that can make a real difference to our partners and customers bottom line.


Buyers are constantly looking for ways to improve their competitive edge whilst suppliers are looking at better ways of improving their sales and margins. Providing flexible and competitive payment terms are an important part of any sales package.


In many cases manufacturers or exporters may wish to sell on an open account basis to secure sales. This will often place them at risk with all the risk being bourne by the seller. On the other hand the buyer may also leave themselves opened to risk by submitting payment in advance in the hope that the product promised by the supplier will be shipped. To minimise the risk, AFEM Trade Finance provides:


The necessary Capital and Liquidity to:


  • Assist with better management of cash-flows

  • Help companies to grow and manage growth

  • Help with risk management,

  • Reduce or eliminate risks associated with non-payment, payment delay, exchange rate fluctuations, political unrest, and various financial regulations.

  • Assist with International Trade Transactions

  • Allow terms of payment to be used as competitive tools during contract negotiations.

  • Provide Trade Credit Insurance


Traders with also have access to a wide variety of trade finance tools are better equipped.


At AFEM we have the knowledge to assist our customers in improving their cash management and overall working capital during their supply chain process.




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